Critical Condition

A security system from Trinity can alert you to far more than a burglar or fire. We can add a variety of options to your system to protect your home and family even more completely.

Critical Condition Precautions from Trinity

Carbon Monoxide Detector

Carbon Monoxide Sensor

Carbon monoxide (CO) is commonly called the silent killer, and it results from the incomplete burning of many fuels including wood, heating oil, and natural gas. It’s odorless, so it often goes unnoticed until it’s too late. In a gas emergency, our CO sensors will call for help if you’re unable to.

Water Level Sensor

Water Level Sensor

It never fails; when a pipe starts leaking or a washer hose bursts, you happen to be away for the weekend. Install a water level sensor in the most common places—a low area of your basement, a water heater or washer pan, even a septic pump—and we’ll call you when a problem occurs. You should never have to worry about coming home to a flooded house.

Medical Alert Remote

Medical Alert

Aside from the medical panic button on every Trinity keypad, we can provide you with a portable button that can even be carried outside, within 75 feet of your home. A press of the button will alert our trained dispatchers and bring medical help quickly.

Other Residential Services

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Fire Alarms
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