Luxury Solutions

Hopefully by now, you’ve had us secure your home. Now let us add a touch of style and convenience. No matter the size of your home, Trinity’s luxury solutions will make living in it more pleasurable.

Home Theater from Trinity

Home Theater

Don’t let the name “Trinity Security” fool you. We’ve designed and installed some of the area’s most impressive home theaters.


Whole House Audio from Trinity

Whole House Audio

With a whole house audio system from Trinity, you can distribute music from up to four sources to as many areas in or around your home as you’d like.


Intercom Systems from Trinity

Intercom Systems

Today’s homes have gotten larger. Who wants to have to shout for the kids to come down for dinner? Install an intercom system from Trinity and you won’t have to.


Structured Wiring from Trinity

Structured Wiring

Many homes are being built these days with too little attention paid to the low voltage wiring. We’ll do your phone, television, cable, satellite, even computer networks — and we’ll do it the right way.


Central Vac Systems from Trinity

Central Vac

We have a complete line of power units to clean homes of all sizes, and a great selection of accessories for all of your hard to reach places. Let us handle your custom central vacuum design and installation.


Wired Candelabras from Trinity

Window Candles

You’ll find a huge combination of candles and bases to choose from. Best of all, the whole system is low voltage, so little fingers don’t get big shocks.